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Backless Bras

Fine Lines is a brand known for our innovative and quality products. Without a doubt, the backless bra has been an ongoing popular and high-in-demand product that provides women with the support and style they want.

Ideal for dresses and tops that show-off your tanned and tone back, our backless style  is lightweight and comes in the appropriate colours. It is often difficult to purchase an item of clothing that requires you to not wear lingerie, or offer minimal support; however with our backless style options we aim to make our customers feel confident and comfortable when wearing adventurous outfits.

The Backless style; Providing Endless Options

Like our plunge bras, push up bras and strapless bras, our backless options were designed to serve a purpose. Being a woman, it is important to have intimate apparel that makes a woman feel good on the inside and know they look good on the outside.

The backless style we design are created for women have the option of wearing certain outfits; whether it is backless, scoop, lace or mesh it is important to have the option.

Providing support, a nice shaped chest and confidence, this style is a wonderful option for women, with both big and small sized breasts who feel better having some support; allowing them to feel comfortable showing off their backs.